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According to Ryan McGreal's article in Raise the Hammer today Eisenberger Won 13 out of 15 Wards.

By Ryan McGreal
Published October 26, 2018
Raise the Hammer

The City of Hamilton has released poll-by-poll voting data for the October 22, 2018 municipal election, and RTH will be publishing various analyses of the voting data over the next few days. To start, this article will review the results at the ward level.

Mayoral candidate Fred Eisenberger won the election overall with a commanding majority of 54.03 percent of the votes cast, with challenger Vito Sgro coming a distant second with 38.06 percent of the vote.

Eisenberger's support was strongest in the old city wards 1 through 8 and 14, but he won every ward across the amalgamated city except Ward 9 Lower Stoney Creek, where Sgro barely edged past him, and Ward 15 Flamborough-Waterdown, where Sgro finished 11 points ahead to earn just under 50 percent of the vote.

Eisenberger took the highest vote share in Ward 1, where he received an extraordinary 70.62 percent of the vote, followed closely by 67.69 percent in Ward 2 and 63.82 percent in Ward 3.

Across the lower city Wards 1 through 5, Eisenberger received 61.01 percent of the vote compared to 29.49 percent for Sgro.

Across the upper city Wards 6 through 8 and 14, Eisenberger received 53.46 percent of the vote compared to 40.00 percent for Sgro.

In Stoney Creek, Eisenberger narrowly lost Ward 9 Lower Stoney Creek with 44.30 percent compared to 45.90 percent for Sgro, but he won Ward 10 Upper Stoney Creek with 46.66 percent compared to 42.18 percent for Sgro, That meant he won Stoney Creek overall with 45.77 percent of the vote to 43.59 percent for Sgro.

Eisenberger won Ward 11 Glanbrook with 50.18 percent of the vote compared to 43.65 percent for Sgro. He won Ward 12 Ancaster with 53.51 percent compared to 42.23 percent for Sgro. He also won Ward 13 Dundas-Flamborough with 54.70 percent compared to 39.34 percent for Sgro.

He lost Ward 15 Flamborough-Waterdown with just 39.12 percent of the vote compared to 49.95 percent for Sgro.

Opponents of the city's light rail transit (LRT) plan insisted in the lead-up to the election that it would be a referendum on the controversial project, with Eisenberger a full supporter and Sgro defining his campaign by his opposition.

If any Councillors try to argue that only the lower city wards support LRT, the distribution of Eisenberger's votes clearly demolishes that fiction. In addition to the lower city, Eisenberger also won the mountain wards, Stoney Creek overall, Ancaster, Dundas and Glanbrook.

Only two wards, Wards 9 and 15, voted against him, those wards representing just 9.69 percent of the votes cast for mayor.

Here is a ward by ward breakdown on Raise the Hammer
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