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Originally Posted by cabasse View Post
@jmecklenborg - definitely the truth on that. i'll look into a better helmet too for sure. any particular brands you recommend?
Actually I don't even know what brands I have (I have one road helmet and one mountain bike helmet). I think one is Gyro.

I'd also pay as much or more attention to your pedals and footwear. I have cages on my commuter bike so I can wear whatever type of shoe, but new people usually don't like them.

Don't wear shoes with a lot of tread (like hiking boots) with flat pedals. They won't grip. This matters A LOT if you have to brake suddenly, aside from more comfortable ordinary riding.

Get pedals with "teeth" on them or pins and wear flat shoes like skateboarding shoes if you don't want to buy dedicated bicycling shoes.

There is a lot of online fussing about saddles and helmets, but I think the pedal/shoe issue is huge.
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