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Look at all those wings! If it looks like, walks like, talks like a helicopter it is a helicopter.

In the USA, the costs to get a drivers license varies between $20 to $1,000, depending upon the state. The costs to get a private pilots license is on average $9,900. Up to 500 times more expensive.

The costs to get a commercial pilots license on average is $30,000. Depending upon your pilot school, the costs could be twice that. You will need a commercial pilots license if you plan to charge passengers a fare to fly with you.

The additional costs to get a commercial drivers license for driving a bus is at a minimum $1,000. You could eliminate much of this additional cost if your employer provides the training. But few employers hire new drivers in this category without having the license already, and those that do train you pay you less salary initially.

Will the size of your pocketbook allow you to be driving a car or piloting a helicopter?

There are already many helicopter landing pads throughout most American cities. Are more really needed?
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