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Originally Posted by Jonboy1983 View Post
Ok, I'm having a bit of an issue with sketchup when trying to draw complex rectangles. when I try to draw several smaller "separate" rectangles, they tend to form one massive one -- I select one "smaller" rectangle but instead of that smaller rectangle being selected, the larger "whole" one is. Plus, there are times when I go to draw a rectangle within a rectangle, and the whole rectangle disappears.

Anyone know why that is? I can't seem to be able to make this problem go away... It's as if all the rules involved (calculus, trigonometry, etc) just go out the window with this!
I consistently get these problems and they're a pain in the...

Unfortunately, there is no fix to prevent this. Once the problem occurs though, you have to delete the white (not the lines) then make a diagonal line connecting the corners of your smaller box. Delete that line. Then make a diagonal line connecting the inner corner of your new box with the farthest corner of your larger box. Then delete that line. This works for me.

If you don't understand or need pictures to help you through the process, let me know.
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