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Originally Posted by plinko View Post
It was moved based on a disaster occurring which necessitated a re-build to accommodate staging for reconstruction of the WTC site. The new road is still within the existing right-of-way (the blue lines on your aerial). They didn't shift that due to the fact that they didn't need to and that it's extraordinarily complicated (as you will find out if you actually get a response from the DOT).

Yes, there are plenty of buildings built 'right up to the street', however, those setbacks are granted BEFORE construction and the building's fire separation requirements (which dictates a large number of things) are designed around those requirements. You can't alter the setback AFTER the building is built because by code (and therefore by law) it makes the building less safe. The building code is entirely about life safety and life safety trumps any developer whims, payoffs, or attempts to supersede the regulations. That's also why the 65ft setback on the other side (at your proposed location) still holds as well. The NYPD deems it a life safety issue.

375ft (just an estimate, it might be more) does not = 343ft. It doesn't fit.
What is with this BEFORE and AFTER? Of course the permissions and setbacks would have to be granted before the construction could start? I mean, that's the case in every construction and that is no drawback for my plan.

As for the NYPD, well, I deem the 65 feet as a mental retardation issue. The terrorists still can strike 1WTC from 2 sides and the other WTC buildings from each side from which there is a street. That's like building a 10 feet wall, with spiked wires on top of it, on one side of your garden and building a 1 foot wooden fence from the remaining 3 sides. Freakishly hilarious

As to the dreaded post 1344, I have 3 ways in which I could react to it:

1, -least feasible- Raze that building to the ground to make room for a far more important project.

2, -averagely feasible- Let's hope that this building will never be built.

3, -most feasible-

Btw, how long do you think it'll take the DOT to answer my question?
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