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ok, so i have a MASSIVE update here.....

first, some cool veiws of the city to give you a sense of scale,

now, your probably wondering where that last shot came from. well it was taken from a new area. this is a public area created in the late 1990's and early 2000's, to allow for a large swimming area and rec zone for the citizens of Howich to use. all the water in the extremly large resovior is purified to lake-quality water, not drinking water. its not finished yet, and it will probably be finished over time when im in the mood to work on it.

also, i've edited the waterfront to include peirs.

i've finished the bridge!!!

finished the grid, and added sidewalks to most unused blocks. (as suggested) and you can also see where i plan to eventuly add a park.

in this photo you can see several things. one, i've redone the communications tower, ive replaced a out of scale building with a building that has ten three floor atriums, that when added up have the equivelent park space of 2 thirds of a city block! i have added 2 black office towers, together forming the Smith & Burke insurance complex. finally, i have added another tower called the Ameriwest Bank tower. (thats right, i'm naming some of my towers now)

last but not least, i have a non-permanent 2,000 square foot 2 floor family home to try to give you a real sense of scale. (btw, the building directly behind it is the hotel)

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