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Originally Posted by MyFavco View Post
You really should have a look at this very cool interactive map of the worlds population centres (all 476 of them above 1M.)

I have pulled some figures from this source for a new perspective.

The site ranks all Principal Agglomerations of the world exceeding 1M people. We have 2 in the Top 100. China has 16, the USA has 14, India has 9, Brazil has 7, Japan has 3.

Here are our cities according to them as at 01/01/2009.

BTW, it is silly to suggest that any city in Aus will overtake another within 50 years. The growth rates of each respective city are not big enough to change the order.
I got my data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics which I believe is a reputable source. As I stated, it is unlikely that any city will overtake another city however in one of the three population projections Melbourne was predicted to overtake Sydney by 2056. While it is highly unlikely, it is possible.

If the Victorian government continues their economic strategic strategies I do not see any reason why this particular projection will not be a reality down the track.
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