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Yeh I completely understand that. I thought you were talking in relation to thier importance of the growth of the cities etc.

Waterfront settings are immensly more valuable then inland no doubt about it. Thats where within the UK, Cardiff and especially Liverpool have such a clear advantage over some of the other major cities in developing a world reknowned skyline

Some good news to come out of the city today though is that 35m 100ft+ has been added on to the taller tower at Masshouse a 1msqft scheme in the eastside. The tower will stand just over 100m which is a fantastic imporvement and all down to a 14 storey catalyst within the area which was talked about earlier thats added considerable land value to the area . This could really become one of Europes major CBD's with some gigantic office towers springing up. Over 4 100m+ towers are planned within touching distance now. Its getting exciting.

British Land have also brought the 80m Natwest Tower within the city center and the aim is to double it floor space with another 100m+ tower filtering through into the rumour mills.

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