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Agreed. London is far to dominant but in a sense, its complete control has now got companies looking elsewhere for thier HQ's due to the continued price hikes being seen in the capital. Birminghams PSQFT price has dropped dramtically over the last few years from the 9th most expensive in the world to just inside the top 50. This has in turn attracted new companies relocating from the capital and with its huge catchment area begun to turn it into a major european buisness city.

Why spend £200m more on a bulding when you can get the same grade A space 110 miles away. The north of England is seeing some major growth with Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool all fighting for major companies relocating from London.

The BBC have just announced its move away from London to Manchester. It seems quite alot are taking heed of the overpriced floor space within dominating capital cities. Which can only be a good thing for the likes of Birmingham and Rotterdam.
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