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I actually saw the before and after bus areas (in September, and October for 10-10), I gotta say it's done fairly well, except that I think capacity will be an issue. There really weren't enough seats, plus they were facing the other way it was hard to tell when the buses arrived so a lot of people had to stand outside to wait.

On my way leaving Taiwan, one of the elevators in Terminal 1 actually caught one of the trolley's going UP. The cart then flipped over, got caught, and everyone behind the elevator just got crushed and piled up at the end of the top, until finally the escalator emergency stopped. luckily I was right around the corner and was able to help start removing carts, luggages and people out. It caught a group of Vietnamese tourists, mostly in their 60's. Something like this should NEVER happen again at a world class airport.
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