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Originally Posted by Tallbert View Post
I've just found this new project that consist on a temporary extension of the Eiffel Tower's highest level. The Serero Architects design uses a carbon fibre and Kevlar composite to double the amount of space at the top of the tower.
My opinion: PLEASE, DON'T!!!!
I'm dying because I want to go to Paris, and it's just because the Eiffel Tower... and that thing... well...
Even if the Architects say that is temporary, we have to remember that the Eiffel Tower itself was a temporary structure, and after one century we still have it...

Here, a few images:

And here are the links:
Even if it was a temporary extension, I think the Eiffel Tower should always be as it was built originally. This is a symbol of France which is known worldwide, and no one should change it. Imagine if it was decided to modify the Statue of Liberty... I'm pretty sure a lot of people wouldn't agree!
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