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Originally Posted by COS View Post
I think an office tower >700' will require a company like an Amazon/Google/ULA or other giant to want a consolidated footprint for a significant number of employees. Maybe this was discussed on here previously, but isn't there a Google campus going up in Boulder? How did Boulder beat downtown Denver to that one? I get the argument for a campus setting in a college town, but it seems like the upgraded vitality of downtown could present plenty of great counter-arguments combined with some strategic tax incentives.
Google already had a significant presence in Boulder, and has for years. It's one of their key locations outside of California.

Watch Amazon. They are actively looking for 150k SF of space in downtown Denver. I could see that being just the beginning.

As for developers who can do 700+, Hines has shown that they believe in this market and certainly have the capability to build skyscrapers. If 1144 15th is a success they will continue to invest in downtown Denver.
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