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Smile NEW YORK | 277 Park Avenue | 687' Roof | 50 FLOORS | 1964

Let's show some love for a mid-Century classic, 277 Park Avenue! This building has had an interesting history over the years, with at least one brush with fire, and one period in July of 1976 where its entire air conditioning system crapped out for over a week. (Both of these facts taken from NYTimes articles)
Unlike 425 Park Avenue, this building has received a lot of attention and care over the years aimed at keeping it current and viable, it's in great shape.

I'll start this off with some pics that I took:

Facade detail:

Lobby chandelier:

The obligatory night shot:

I've got some more pics I took this past week, I'll post as soon as I upload them. I'll also add that security there really seems to have developed a hatred of photographers- I had one of them get in my face for taking pictures on my most recent visit. So let's have some fun- post all the 277 Park Avenue pics you can find! Or if you're in the area, take some more
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