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Originally Posted by ChicagoChicago View Post

Are you talking about the setbacks of each tube? If so, you're correct on your layout, except that the first set of setbacks occurs on the southeast and northwest sides of the building. Your positioning in relation to the other setbacks places them on the southwest and northeast, which is wrong.
Many thanks Chicago!! Let me just ask you one more question. On the first section i'm planing to have 7 "floors" after the first setback, 3 "floors" after the second setback, 4 "floors" and on after the last setback another 3 "floors". Does this seem right to you, or should i add/take away floors here and there. Please guide me, as Im currently in the process of painting more than one hundred cans black, and I will crazy clue each can on sunday.!

Many thanks!! I appreciate it!
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