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It's reasonable to hold high hopes for this towers. Nouvel rarely disappoints and he has yet to build a truly tall tower in New York (his HighLine project was canceled but then we got his Machine Bldg; it's really, really hard to complain.)

Because MOMA will use the base for additional gallery space, this tower (even more so than the Museum Tower) will serve as an extension of the museum and a sentinel for MOMA along the Fifth Avenue skyline. New background eye-candy for long shots of St. Patrick's Cathedral.

With this expansion of MOMA I'm a bit more hopeful that perhaps MOMA will do something in LIC (Long Island City). PS 1 artspace is there as well as the MOMA warehouse. During the museum construction, MOMA Queens exceded expectations. Strong cultural anchors would really help LIC.

MOMA + Nouvel = masterpiece for NYC.