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Lakeport 1995

Lakeport City 1996 (more screenshots will be added either to this post or to a new one) Once i reach the year 2000 I plan to do updates in 5 year intervals until the year 2160, i will probably start a new thread for a new city. I have been thinking about making a Japanese city of about 100,000 residents.

{{NOTE: Currently tower 1 of the now canceled City Center Development project, which is the tallest tower in the image, is located on the block that the new tower will be built, the tower will be under construction in the next update, as well as the new Liberty Bank center and Gallileo Tower redesigns, which began reconstruction in 1994)
All existing buildings in Lakeport that are replicas of real world buildings will be redesigned, to give a bit more uniqueness to Lakeport.
The road layout is being worked on, mostly the highway system.}}

Update Description (will be migrated to redone 1996 Update Post):
The Navajo Oil Company plans to begin construction of a new tower next to the GALcorp Midwest HQ, scheduled to break ground in May 1996, and expected to be complete by December 1998.

The Weazel News building was sold to the Lakeport Media Corporation in 1993, which took the logo off their building.

Nanosoft began plans to build a new office complex in northern downtown by 2002, and currently leases additional space in neighboring buildings to its current headquarters, the old building will be mostly vacant.

Liberty Bank Center and Gallileo Towers have major structural issues, the companies that occupy both buildings are filing lawsuits against the contracting company responsible for construction of both buildings.
Both companies are looking to a new contractor and developer for the redevelopment of their respective buildings, Opus Developments, which will own a small 10 story tower next to its new construction yard in the western industrial district, with a car scrapyard located nearby under the bridge. Opus Developments was founded in 1985, and eventually will grow to become a major developer in the midwest.

The St Louis County Courthouse became the Lakeport Federal Courthouse after its renovation in 1994, the county hearings were held at City Hall until the completion of the new 22 story Lakeport County Government Building which will be completed in 2001.

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