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For reflection on seismic technology

Earthquake is a natural periodic event that destroys lives and property. It does not matter when it happens, since it does happen. The science of civil engineering around the world tries to keep constructions upright. To achieve this it tries to bring in opposition to the seismic forces of the earthquake opposing forces coming from the construction. It is understood and accepted by all that any force that resists the force of an earthquake is desirable because we all know from physics that equal and opposite forces balance. I make a suggestion to those who write the anti-seismic regulations, and for some unknown reason they do not listen to me. For the first time in the world, I propose that this force that resists earthquakes should not only come from the dynamics of construction but also from an external factor, that of the ground. This external force can by itself balance the forces of the earthquake or work with the forces of construction to balance the forces of the earthquake together. It is at least very strange that they refuse to consider this proposal of mine. I accuse them at least of impartiality and irresponsibility.
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