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I don't know about now but when I moved to the Twin Cities in the late '80s Ramsey County (St Paul) had the highest unemployment rate and poverty rate for Asians among urban counties in the US. Refugees generally have a different economic arc than immigrants and take longer to establish themselves. This was especially an issue for the Hmong who were living a very primitive rural lifestyle before they got sucked into the wars in southeast Asia and ended up in the US. They came here completely unprepared to live in an urban, developed country.

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Or Minneapolis where the Asian population is mostly Hmong.
The Hmong are the largest Asian ethnicity in the Twin Cities but they are only a little more than half of the Asian population. They probably get the most press because there aren't a lot of Hmong in the rest of the country. There are also a fair number of Vietnamese, Cambodian, Lao and Chinese in the Twin Cities.

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