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Looking forward to seeing the 1980's postmodern boom! Is that a new tallest I see? The massing reminds me of the Capella Tower in Minneapolis, one of my favorites! Postmodernism is my all time favorite architectural style, it's difficult for me to find a building built in that era that I don't like, no matter how tacky!

As for Galcorp, I've always envisioned it as the world's largest corporate conglomerate with ties in pretty much every industry (GalOil, GalAirlines, GalFinancial, GalFoods) and lobbyists on both sides of the political fence, all ran by the ultra wealthy Staunton-based Galviston family. Their signature buildings are all known for being imposing and are usually black boxes. I've been thinking of recladding Staunton's Galcorp World Headquarters but I'm still on the fence about that. With that being said, I'm excited to see Galcorp's Midwestern Headquarters!
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