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Originally Posted by Aleks View Post
not sure what the dimensions of your map were, but we're trying to keep it at 1200x1200 meters/4000x4000 ft (smaller than a square mile!).

that way we can keep the city organized and fill it in quicker.

another thing we can do is make quadrants and we can increase the size to 1800x1800meters/6000x6000 ft and fill in quadrants all at once. not sure how that would go though...
Sorry, thought you got the layout file. The whole City was about 1500 to 1330, the street grid 1470 to 1190

As i send you in the pm, i realized that my street grid was to narrow anyway, so to use my grid as intended it would require to scale up the street wide to 20 meter

I dont have a problem downsizing it, i think the grid Mo worked out is good for the downsized layout. Otherwise we would have just one building per block. Not sure about the topography, thought it would come out much better as it is now. But dont have a problem with this either. I just want to start
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