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Originally Posted by Josh M View Post
So what would we do after we get the land
The most important thing is that it will show the Federal, Provincial and municipal governments that there are people who want a stadium for their city, and it will also be a significant contribution to the capital cost. Just look at the Halifax Farmers market; they started out by getting contributions from residents and then they were able to get money from the various levels of government.

The Commonwealth Games bid had a very vocal opponent (I forget his name). In fairness to that person, the CG bid got out of hand and it was best to end it. However, with regards to building a stadium the cost is much lower and it will be used for numerous events. It is important to have a group set up to promote it so that one person can't shoot it down almost singlehandedly.

I sent an email to the person that set up the online petition for the stadium and I hope that he will contribute to this thread (if he isn't already contributing). His name is Scott Smith at . I got his name from the petition site. Maybe he and others can start collecting names by going door to door and send their petition to the politicians in power.