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Originally Posted by Empire View Post
Does anyone have a connection at The Coast or the Metro Daily? Perhaps they could be convinced to run a continuous ad about a stadium and give the link to the online petition.
I missed this earlier. Which paper would be best to run it in? The Metro, Coast or Chronicle Herald? It is time to get a group together to raise funds for advertising; such as a continuous ad stating that there are many HRM residents who would like a stadium and CFL team. I would be willing to pay for some advertising (I am not rich but I could put $1000 towards it to start with).

Does anyone on the forum know how to set up a fund that would be considered to be similar to charity in that tax receipts can be issued. Then people could contribute to it and claim it as tax deductible on their income tax. Is there anyone on this forum who could approach someone in the Regional Municipality about setting up such a trust fund? Maybe it would be good to approach a councilor (preferably one who supported the Commonwealth Games bid).

Develop a plan to have the stadium built, for example:
1) Come up with a group of people to promote the stadium. Then have a name for the group; Halifax Stadium Advocates (or a better name). The important thing is to get as many people involved as possible. Develop a business plan stating why it is important to the HRM (example: to attract new residents, retain current residents and for a better quality of life in the HRM). This business plan can propose possible sites and designs. Be well prepared prior to talking to people in power (Don't be put off by politicians who don't take you seriously). The business plan should look like a professional report (for example look at )
2) Advertise in local newspapers using the above group name (or a better name).
3) Talk to councilors.
4) Set up a trust fund to donate to the Stadium Building Fund (similar to the new Halifax Farmers Market).
5) Seek funding through the Federal, Provincial and HRM governments. To do this the group will need people in government to promote the cause.

I hope that there are people on this forum who will refine this list and put more thought into the plan. I believe that the only way that this will get built is if the citizens (and non-citizens) of HRM push it.

The group (Halifax Stadium Advocates?) should remain active during the stadium planning; to see that the site and design will be what the majority of citizens want it to be. In other words the Group must remain active throughout the planning and construction.