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On one hand there is the approach where rational people look at reality--not assumptions or generalizations--and attempt to foster improving relationships. On the other hand, there is eagerly anticipating some sort of presumed grave dancing.

I can't wait to see what a mess it is in 20 years out there.

The retail development that is so hated was stonewalled for years by the former Town of Flamborough...that's why I don't understand the argument.

Interesting. Us vs. Them. Yawn. The attitudes expressed here are every bit as destructive as those expressed by the likes of Margaret McCarthy. I can't think of a single case where a city/region has suffered from this sort of disconnect among urban, suburban and rural and lived up to it's prosperity potential. If you believe you can go on hating Flamborough, and Flamborough can go on hating you and all well be will because gas will be expensive and the inner-city will thrive again you are living an absolute fantasy. Even if that were to come to pass, the jobs would all be long gone to a city/region that had it's sh*t together, instead of wasting it's energy and talents on a barrage of pissing matches.

In the end, despite your good intentions, you completely don't get it. That's sad.
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