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Couldnt agree more on the biking/hiking. Flamborough was an incredible place to grow-up and I consider myself lucky to have done so. From home I could get to the Dundas Peak, Darnley Mill ruins, farms, creeks, fishing--it took getting older to realize how much my childhood was influenced by the environment up there.

I was downright passionate on the amalgamation when push came to shove. Once some sort of municipal reorganization was a fait accompli--I railed against any partitioning or parcelling off of parts to Halton, Waterloo and/or Brant...all that mattered to me was that Flamborough stayed "together"--even if it was in the context of something larger. I was no fan/supporter of amalgamation--but assuming it was inevitable, it turned out the best way possible--where I'm concerned anyway.

I am no supporter of McCarthy--or the vast majority of politicians who managed to get elected up there--both before and after amalgamation. The sooner the multi-directional pissing contests come to an end--the better.
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