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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post

I recently came across this interesting photograph the other day while perusing the photographs on pinterest.

pinterest via

"Exterior view of Los Angeles General Hospital Tuberculosis unit on May 5, 1939 from across railroad tracks."
-Henry Briceno on pinterest.

It made me wonder where the photographer was situated when he took this photograph way back in 1939.
It looks like the railroad tracks used to come down Daly Street and go across N Mission Road to the Orange Slope Tract. This is from the 1921 Baist map.

By 1948, Daly Street had been realigned to meet Marengo Street, although the original southern end can still be seen. The Orange Slope Tract was still undeveloped, and so would have provided a good vantage point for someone photographing the County Hospital.

Historic Aerials

Things changed quickly in the early '50s with the age of freeway construction. The image below is from 2004, and shows the Golden State Freeway cutting through the area. Very little remains of the old Orange Slope Tract, and nothing at all of the railroad that once ran down Daly Street.

Historic Aerials
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