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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
Beaudry, I noticed in this screen shot from 'Criss Cross' you caught a glimpse of the Dragon's Den.

Beaudry/Criss Cross

The Dragon's Den was a very interesting place.
The restaurant was located in the basement of the F. Suie One Company.
It was a favorite haunt of Walt Disney and the Marx Bros.
And it's brick walls were festooned with exotic murals. (I wish I had a good photo of the interior).

Below: This photo is dated 1949. The Dragon's Den was established in 1935.



Below: Here's a good view of the rest of the street. Notice Jerry's Joynt (see my post# 1350) towards the end of the block.


...and one more.

I love the white building that is built out over the sidewalk.
If I remember correctly, underneath all the add-ons was one of the original adobes of 'Sonora Town'.


i know we are going back in time a bit, but, whilst rummaging around through the Library of Congress's Historic American Buildings site, i stumbled upon that white house shown in E_R's post about the Dragon's Den that used to reside at 516-522 1/2 North Los angeles Street.

La Casa De Don Vicente Lugo

1936 image

Source: Library of Congress Historic American Buildings

Architectural Drawings

Sources: Library of Congress Historic American Buildings and

1937 data sheet - note the condition of the building - "fairly well preserved" ....not bad for a then 102 year old structure

Source: Library of Congress Historic American Buildings

1857 image of the house

Source: USC Digital Archives

the house in 1873

Source: USC Digital Archives

by 1890, the 2nd floor porch became partially enclosed

Source: USC Digital Archive

In the 1890's the house became the home of Leeching Hung & Co

Source: LAPL

in 1905 the Pekin Curio Store moved in

Source: LAPL

the building in 1928. the building now houses the Canton Bazaar

Source: USC Digital Archives

a 1947 view looking north east on los angeles street past Jerry's Joynt

Source: Calisphere

In 1950 a plan was presented to the State Park Commission for the proposed renovation of the plaza district. The Lugo House was very much a part of the design proposal

Source: USC Digital Archives

unfortunately, one year later.......................................

Sources: USC Digital Archive, and

1952 image looking north west across the site of the Lugo House towards the intersection of Los Angeles Street and Sunset Boulevard on the North side of the Plaza

Source: California State Library

bingmaps aerial of the site today

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