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Originally Posted by RaginRonic View Post
If No Frills is being built there, then that makes me think that the NF store at Upper Sherman at Mohawk will be moving there.

If that's the case, then I see an eventual Walmart Supercentre being placed at Upper Sherman at Mohawk after the new NF store has opened.

Choice Properties owns many retail properties that have Loblaws related stores. Walmart owns the property at Mohawk and Upper Sherman and had ended the No Frills lease a few years ago, but then suddenly extended it at the last minute as the store was not restocking any product. I assume they extended the lease to allow No Frills to establish a new home. The plan at the time was to knock out the wall between them and make one large store. I hope Walmart reconfigures the whole property, maybe with a restaurant and/or condo tower.
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