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I had a great time there. I saw a ballgame at Camden Yards, visited the aquarium, walked around Johns Hopkins University and accidentally drove through Pigtown and the west side (I am going to say that is an area to avoid). Overall, the downtown was better than Detroit's from pedestrian/entertainment standpoint. There was much more to do and more people walking around. The entertainment district along the harbor from the Italian district to the two stadiums was particularly good. I was underwhelmed by the skyscraper architecture though.

The good
-Bank of America Building: 9/10. Just lovely.

The bad
-Lots of the newer condos along the harbor.

The ugly
-Donald Schaefer Building: 2/10. Seriously, what were they thinking with that "spire/staircase"? It is one of the worst tacked on for height spires I have ever seen. Overall just a horrid building.
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