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Originally Posted by Sachornet View Post
It looks like the new plan is to demolish the old Clarion Hotel site and start from scratch. Anyone have the details on the new proposal for those without a Business Journal subscription?
SKK wants to build something similar to its myriad of other projects - a 5-story apartment building with ground-floor retail. The only difference is that the footprint is so huge that the building would have around 190 apartments.

This makes me a little sad. I thought rehabbing the old hotel back into its swingin’ 60s days as a boutique hotel was really cool. That area could use a nice hotel. With the Music Circus and party crowds, I think it would be awesome.

However, housing is a more pressing need. The developer and his investors have been pretty good at building 5-floor apartment buildings, recently. I guess it’s a model with which they are familiar and comfortable?

Also, the old hotel building may be in a pretty sad state. Maybe it’s better to just tear it down and start fresh.

Plus, there are a number of hotels under construction or proposed:

Fort Sutter Hotel and The Marshall (u/c)

Eastern Star (Hyatt House) on 27th and K, 7th and I, 15th and L, and Nikki Mohannas 10th and K. (Proposed)

Then, there are a few other, OUT-THERE POSSIBILITIES: Vanir is talking about including a 250-room hotel in their phantom proposal; Sacramento Commons, if built-out, could include 320 hotel rooms; The Metropolitan site’s new proposal could include a 200-250 room hotel component; and I think the Rail Yards has a hotel being kicked around. There may be many others that don’t come to mind.

Basically... Maybe there are too many hotels under construction or on the horizon to compete. AND a huge, expensive renovation on a dilapidated 2-story building, that probably won’t have enough rooms to cover the costs, is not justified. Add in the fact that housing is at a premium, and SKK is now going with “Plan B”.
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