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^^^ Yeah because with Lewis out of the race, Garcia is the only old machine politician in the running. The unions and other special interests need someone to dump their money on. Honestly anyone who believed that Lewis was going to try to run on a "reform platform" was high off their ass. She was old school machine through and through and was jonesing to revert all of Rahms reforms back to the same old Daley era bullshit. That's exactly what Garcia will do if he is elected and we can't allow it. Luckily he doesn't stand a chance even with $250k in his bank account. I'm sure Rahm is also sitting on a phone tree of millionaires who can whip up another $10-20 million for him overnight if he needs it. Hopefully Garcia will never be enough of a threat that Rahm has to waste money he should be using to crush alderman on defending himself.
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