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[Halifax] The Dillon (Market Lofts) | 28 m | 8 fl | U/C

Since this is a great looking proposal, I wanted to start a thread for it.

Quotes are from Sept 19 - Sept 21, 2013 in the Development Rumours Thread

Originally Posted by someone123 View Post
ANS published a rendering for the "Midnight Magic" proposal on Sackville Street tonight. It's quite nice -- the facade of the old building is preserved and there's an 11-storey residential tower set back slightly behind it. The developer wants to begin construction within 2 years.

If even half of the proposed buildings along Sackville Street are built it will look completely different. If they're all built then that would bring in a large number of new residents.
Originally Posted by Dmajackson View Post
Not trying to correct you Someone123 but it should be noted the store is called "Night Magic Fashions" and is at 5268 Sackville (at Market Street directly across from the Nova Centre site).

I didn't see the renderings but the basic planning principles sound like its a good idea.
Originally Posted by Dmajackson View Post
I didn't read the article but assuming 10 feet per floor (normal for residential) this would be around 33m. Including the heritage base which likely has higher ceilings this would more likely be 36-38m. The most that could be developed in a 28m height limit is 9 residential floors.
Originally Posted by Waye Mason View Post
Where HRMbD works great is a case like this - he should be approved in 6 months. SIX MONTHS. That is great. He knew what he was allowed to propose, what was allowed is significant and can make the developers project financially viable, the speed of the approval reflects that. My understanding is that he is accessing bonus height by retaining the heritage facade, which adds a couple hundred grand to the cost of the development. And I can comment on it because it isn't coming to council.

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