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Originally Posted by q12 View Post
Yeah that area might work and help to keep costs down. I think Dartmouth Crossing developers wanted to turn some of that area into residential, however if you built a stadium right next to their retail area I'm sure that would be a benefit for DC. It would be like Scotiabank Place up in Ottawa which is located outside in Kanata near a retail development.
Perhaps the developers at DC would be interested in modifing their residential plans for DC north? (the Quarry). If a condo development were to incorporate a stadium then costs could be reduced dramitically for the stadium superstructure. Perhaps HRM could help by allowing more height for the Stadium Suites Condos so it would be even more feasible. These suites would not be for everyone but I think they would have great market appeal for a specific segment. There could be additional parking under the field and of course across the field ffrom the residential component would be the Stadium Suites Hotel.

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