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Originally Posted by HooverDam View Post
There are a few things I dislike about the Civic Space design, mainly the are labeled "C". What a waste of space. No one ever seems to use this sort of park space, look at Hance Park on either side of central, its hardscape w/ trees in rectangular planters, ever seen anyone using it? Nope. These sorts of areas are (naturally) avoided in parks, they are unappealing and don't ever seem to have a natural use. As we all know, diversity of uses and users is extremely important to parks, why not put in a basketball court? I know I keep bringing this up, but I just can't get my brain around why they wouldn't put in a half court.

Also, I know its difficult to connect the Westward Ho because the Post Office sort of puts its back to it, but I'd love to see a shaded walk way (like what seems to cross 1st Ave, Central and also Polk) from the East side of the Post Office to the Westward Ho.

Its hard to tell because the rendering is so small, but I REALLY hope there is some sort of water feature. There especially needs to be one thats interactive for children.

Anyone know what the red thing is? Some sort of shade structure I assume.
The red object is an art piece by a world-renowned artist whose name totally escapes me atm. I'm really excited about the structure she has planned though. It's made of basically very thin ropes, woven into kind of a net and shaped and suspended by structural towers at the perimeter of the piece. The color is not set, but the height and bulk of the piece make it incredibly eye-catching, despite the fact that it will be fairly transparent (ie not tightly-woven). It's also supposed to move and react to wind, which I think will also be really visually appealing.
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