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Originally Posted by urban_encounter View Post
I don't totally understand Truckee either, since they are so far away. I suspect that it has more to do with the residents of Truckee commuting into to Sacramento for work since Truckee is mostly an Alpine town.

Most of the population of Sacramento MSA is Sacramento County (about 1.4 million) and the western edges of Placer and El Dorado County (about 20-25 minutes outside of DT Sacramento on I-80 and US-50 respectively)..

Arden Arcade is actually smack dab in the middle of Sacramento, and it's an unicorporated urban enclave of Sacramento County, that is trying to incorporate.
Yes, I suspect you're right there. I know the census definition for inclusion in an MSA is an "employment interchange number" of 25 (meaning percent), but, they will include areas where the "employment interchange number" is as low as 15, if local opinion (in both areas) favors the combination.
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