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7 Houses of the Future - According to the Past

Rolling Houses (1930s) - The innovation was intended to make the remote construction and delivery of new homes more straightforward.

Space Houses (1960s) - Puerto Rican cover artist Alex Schomburg’s free-floating snow globes come complete with rooftop chutes for launching space hatchbacks out into the great unknown.

Glass Houses (1920s) - Utilizing a special new kind of glass designed to admit the ultraviolet, ahem, “health rays” of the sun, the Vitaglass house would offer a year-round summer thanks to the addition of mercury arc lamps for gloomy days.

Moving Houses (1920s) - This utopian vision posits a very social mobile home version of architectural tendencies that we’re actually seeing today. Its rooftop garden, for example, might offset the carbon footprint of the vehicle, easing the conscience of the steam-powered digital nomads onboard.

Underwater Houses (1960s) - While the rest of the world was staring at the stars, GM noted that we still have whole oceans that remain unconquered.

Lightweight Houses (1940s) - The January 1942 authors of “This Unfinished World” offered a vision that gets closer every day: using super-light “aerogel” to create buildings that are earthquake-resistant and require less resources to build.

Dome Houses (1950s) - The rotating dome would allow homeowners to make efficient use of the sun’s energy.

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