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Small update - 5/4/08

Few photos of construction. I'm working on a photo rundown of projects and construction in Southend that I'll post later this week.

NASCAR Hall of Fame and tower:

The Tower penthouse condos:

I-277 interchange redevelopment:

The ramps are being redone to free up land. Several parcels have already been sold, and plans include mixed-use and a possible hotel. I wish that had gone ahead and capped this portion of I-277 and made it a park.

In this photo you can see part of the Metropolitan Midtown mixed use project (midrise building on the right). This includes office, residential, restaurants, retail such as Target, Best Buy, Home Depot, and Staples, and part of the Sugar Creek greenway. provides a nice video of the project.

Aloft Hotel / Epicenter:

Wachovia Corporate Center:

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