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Source: BHAM Wiki

At present, the firm that owns the Brown-Marx Tower is Ascent Hospitality Management Co. LLC. The firm developed the Elyton Hotel and also acquired the "Allright Parking Deck" (I'm just guessing that it is the deck that is the deck on the other side of the parking lot next to Brown-Marx.)

'Ascent' is currently cleaning up Brown-Marx and working to stabilize the building. Of course, the is could mean anything. They could be doing this as a plan to sell, or as a plan to develop the building for a multitude of purposes.

For the article: LINK

Frankly, I think it is a good sign in general that a company is stabilizing the building for future use. It's means that businesspeople know that the building is worth something and are planning to make a buck by either selling it or redeveloping it.
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