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This thread is ridiculous. This is nothing more than everybody voting and championing their own city...which is clearly why I voted for Houston

Not everybody in the USA is ''all about'' NYC. Sure, it's a great global city and if it came down to it, I'd certainly want them to have it over any other country. However:

Houston is becoming a global city as well. Our wealth is great here. The unofficial 'city bird' has become the construction crane. We are the center of the petroleum and natural gas boom/revolution right now. The amount of skyscrapers U/C, planned and approved is unrivaled anywhere. We're soon to be the THIRD LARGEST CITY in the country. Houston isn't a backwoods town. No small potatoes here. We have more fortune 500 companies than anybody else outside NYC---and just gained another one last week.

We have TWO world class facilities built right next door to one another and train transportation from downtown to those facilities--both of which are indoor. Houston's nearly 7 million people make it capable of handling the huge influx of people the olympics would bring as well as showcase the 'energy power' of our great country.

I'd encourage all of you to take a cruise through the Houston thread on here or HAIF sometime and see the great things we have to offer
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