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the city of angels

I cannot see the olympic being any where else but in los angeles and hollywood. a supper big city with everything the world wants. hollywood, beverly hills , malibu, santa monica, century city,bell air, westwood, downtown los angeles new look, new metro system, the beaches. palm trees,free ways, the stars staden,nice weather,futuring the new and much improved lax. the biggest city in california the most populous and richest state in the nation. not a one dimenssional city with all eggs put in one basket. and much much more to offer. a city with unlimited potential the world over .2028 it will be even better.can you dig it? can you do better than that? let hear what you have to offer. don't even try if you cannot come closer than that. I will be surprise if there will be challenges if any at all. I won't be surprise to hear things like san diego the self proclaim finnest city in america. miami the city if you remove the word beach you are left with nothing to show. new york a city with a lack of space with all eggs put in one basket. san francisco a new york want to be. chicago may be a far second. even so their biggest star in opra free is about to go hollywood. phoenix just lost steve nash to los angeles and hollywood. the only star they had. I am so proud of this city.

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