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Originally Posted by Good Baklava View Post
I’m curious about what the average Hamiltonian thinks about the influx of priced-out Torontonians. I understand there is a mix of opportunities and drawbacks associated with this trend. I’m asking what people look forward to and what they fear.
I'm of two minds on this issue...
  1. I love that people are making Hamilton their home. It's bringing more people to support our local businesses and to create new ones. Downtown is finally shaking off the dirt & grime and is quickly becoming a vibrant place to live, work, eat & play!
  2. Sadly the downside is our housing supply is way behind the ball and home prices & rents are just out of control which is only punishing locals and maybe pushing them out of their own city which isn't fair.

I don't know who would be responsible or if it would be a combination of both the city and province but some regulations need to be put in place to strike a fine balance here. And red tape needs to be cut and incentives need to be given to speed up approvals & entice construction to meet some of this demand while also guaranteeing a set amount of (I don't want to say market rent because it's all out of whack right now) below market rent units.
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