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Taipei District Prosecutors Office is investigating the Farglory Group corruption case. Chair, Chao Teng-hsiung, and the New Taipei City councilor, Chou Sheng-kao, were detained after a night of questioning. The judge considered that the circumstances showed their involvement in a string of activities, together with accomplices who had not yet been questioned. Thus in the afternoon, the two were charged with violation of the securities and exchange act, with bribery and embezzlement and were ordered to be detained incommunicado. The Farglory Group stressed that will understand the reasons for detention as soon as possible and appeal.

On June 30, investigators made an application to the Taipei District Prosecutors Office to detain Farglory Group Chair, Chao Teng-hsiung and the new Taipei city councilor, Chou Sheng-kao. This was sent to prosecutors in the afternoon and lawyers examined the application. In the middle of the night, the two were brought before a judge who questioned them. The hearing concluded at 4 am. At around 9:30 am Chao was again questioned by the judge. On the afternoon of July 1, the two were finally charged and held on violating the securities and exchange act.

==LIAN CHIEN-YU Taipei District Court spokesperson==
There are accomplices in Chou's role as a witness to bribery and these have not been questioned, they need to be cross-examined on this. On Chao's part, there are concerns about altering and destruction of evidence with his accomplices and witnesses. They both have strong incentives to back up each other's testimony and collude further.

In this corruption investigation, it is suspected that there was embezzlement of Far Glory finances to buy land and bribery to facilitate this. The case may widen and after the corruption scandal broke, New Taipei City Mayor 's Eric Chu appeared, emphasizing for the first time that the relevant local government records had been sent to the prosecutors and any corruption within local government would not be tolerated.

==ERIC CHU New Taipei City Mayor==
Currently, these projects have not yet been approved and are still in review, yesterday we announced if there are any suspicious circumstances, we will halt the whole process.

There is speculation is the prosecutors' actions will lead to a second wave of searches and questioning. The spokesperson said there was a set procedure which will be followed.

==CHANG CHIH-CHIN Taipei District Prosecutors Office spokesperson==
We are still in the middle of the investigation, depending on the results of questioning we will then handle matters accordingly. The focus at the moment is on today's work.

From June 29, as a result of the Criminal Procedure Law amendment, the time from investigation to detention cannot be over 48 hours. Both accused attempted to apply for release on bail, citing poor health, but this was not granted. The Far Glory Group issued a statement, saying that it will fully cooperate with the investigation, and it was in the process of understanding of the reasons for the decision on detention, and would then lodge an appeal.


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