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Nantes (2)

Ah, here's a summery of the development over there. Thx a lot to Maxou from SSC for having compiled these, I was expecting something like this.

1 - A mixed-use program that includes 135 condos and some offices and retail at the 3 lower floors.

Terraces at the top of each column would be part of the commonly owned room, open to all dwellers of the building. Construction has barely begun.

2 - A mixed-use complex currently under construction. There are a student facility and some student housing, 261 apartments (both market-rate condos and social housing), some offices and some retail.

This is it lot by lot.

67 condos.

Social housing.

Student facility.

70 condos and some offices.

Student housing and retail.

3 - A mixed-use, mainly residential complex with some retail at 1st floors. There would be some 72 condos in there.

Some pics of the implementation.

4 - 84 condos in the taller building, offices and retail in the shorter 7-story bar along the boulevard.

Construction site.

The residential building offers an elevator with a panoramic view.

And some balconies cause it seems the French often like that little outdoor feel.

5 - Still under construction, a 3-building complex of 87 condos and some retail along the Loire river.

Alright, that's precisely the kind of things I appreciate. It's all within or around that same modern/contemporary district I mentioned in the previous Nantes post.
That overall area is meant to be both entirely mixed-use and provided with some social housing to remain open to lower incomes.
I think you guys will be interested to see. Of course I hope they eventually plan some real taller buildings. That bunch of 50+m tall structures is already big enough to nicely embed some actual highrises.
Thx to Maxou from Nantes again.
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