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Originally Posted by New Brisavoine View Post
This graph shows the evolution of the GDP per capita in Germany, France, the UK, and Spain every year since 2007, based on the latest figures published this week. I've also added the United States for comparison. This is the evolution of *real* GDP per capita, i.e. after inflation is deducted.

In 2013, the average inhabitant of Germany was 4.4% better off than in 2007, and the average inhabitant of the USA was 1.0% better off than in 2007. The average inhabitant of France was 2.2% worse off than in 2007, while the average inhabitant of the UK was 5.5% worse off, and the average inhabitant of Spain was 8.6% worse off.

I didn´t know the UK was lagging so much behind in Europe, in fact I thought it was leading the economic growth even before germany, btw... how is it that germany had a smaller gdp contraction in 2009?, apart from all the good news in recent years, i thought that germany was the country with the biggest gdp contraction in that year
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