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Originally Posted by New Brisavoine View Post
^^There is no data more recent than 2011 for most European countries. The rankings would not change much if we had 2013 figures anyway. British metro areas would rise a little, due to the higher sterling pound, but neither France nor Italy would decline in the list. People need to realize that a 1% growth rate vs a 3% growth rate has a marginal effect in such a ranking over just a few years. It takes many years for the ranking to change significantly, unless you have a sudden -20% collapse of your economy as in Greece, but this is the case neither of France nor of Italy.
The thing you missed is that Italy's GDP at market exchange rates actually contracted close to 8% in the last 3 years (which is around a 2.6% contracion per year) and at the same time the population is growing which means a larger impact on the per capita numbers. In addition not all areas of Italy have been effected equally so some would actually rise while others drop signficantly. France for the last 3 years has been stagnent economically but a growing population so it would be a minor drop on a per capita number for the entire country but again the numbers for each region would differ as some areas are growing while others are contracting so there might be a change in the numbers on a relative basis.
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