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Originally Posted by New Brisavoine View Post
People need to realize that a 1% growth rate vs a 3% growth rate has a marginal effect in such a ranking over just a few years. It takes many years for the ranking to change significantly, unless you have a sudden -20% collapse of your economy as in Greece, but this is the case neither of France nor of Italy.
Uh, it's not too hard to figure it out. Still, I think France needs to realize it should act seriously more humble to foreigners now, because quite obviously, we're not doing as fine as we yet easily could if there was no retards to growl as soon as you talk about business or success over here. It's really not like we'd be in a situation to teach anyone, and certainly not the Germans that those same retards I just mentioned are hating.
Originally Posted by big W View Post
It would be interesting to see how these have changed since 2011. As noted earlier, the UK for example has been doing better as have other part of Europe. However I believe Italy and France would look relatively worse. In addition, its interesting to look at these numbers from a Canadian Perspective. Quebec is the poorest of the large provinces of Canada but would be up there with Germany, while the poorest Province in Canada Prince Edward Island (135,000 people) would be between Italy and the UK.
I think life in the UK can be rough, and even rougher than in North America. Life expectancy in Glasgow would be of 59, I heard recently. I could hardly believe it. That is rough like some of the poorest areas of Africa. Otherwise, the single figure of GDP per capita is definitely too short to assess the overall quality of life of a given place. Do you seriously think Canada would be so much more comfy than say Italy, especially northern Italy? Honestly, I wouldn't bet on that when North America is known for being a bit too harsh to their poor yet, which doesn't help to make them so enviable.
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