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Thanks to everybody!

I am planning an extension for the city in order to double its capacity. But I wanted to create a controlled expansion, according to some natural limits. I decided not to urbanize areas over the elevation of 660 meters over sea level. This contour line is exactly where the valley turns into mountain. The only areas over this elevation will be located in the three central islands, so that they can acquire a main postiion in the valley. For containing the east and west sides of the city along the valley, two existing forests are used.

Here it is a map showing the main new avenues and railroads. In a dotted line you can see the limits of the city.

This extension also includes an expansion of the transportation networlk. Some new lines have been planned, but as part of the old ones. In this way, these new lines are just branches or loops that serve the new areas. This deccission is made in order to maintain the needed changes for reaching the final destination in only one, so as lines just join and separate to make transfers easier.

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