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We now have the final estimates of the 2011 GDP per capita for the main metro areas of Germany, France, and the UK. The results of the 2011 censuses, which have now all been published, have greatly changed the GDP per capita of the German and British metro areas: the GDP per capita of the German metro areas were boosted due to a lower German population than was previously thought, whereas those of the British metro areas were cut down due to a higher population in the UK than was previously thought.

For France it is not possible to give the GDP per capita of the Lille metro area, because the Nord department is much larger than the Lille metro area. The figures for Bordeaux and Lyon in the list correspond precisely to the metro areas (I've included the parts of the Lyon metro area located outside of the Rhône department, and excluded the part of the Gironde department that is not within the Bordeaux metro area). For Nice, it's not possible to distinguish Nice from Monaco, due to the commuter flows between the Alpes-Maritimes department and the Principality of Monaco.

GDP per capita in 2011 (in US dollars, at market exchange rates, not at purchasing power parity):
- Munich metro area: 71,460
- Paris Region: 71,307
- Rhine-Main metro area (Frankfurt-Wiesbaden-Mainz): 60,332
- Stuttgart metro area: 57,832
- Hamburg metro area: 57,036

- Greater London + 6 home counties: 54,802
- Lyon metro area: 50,738
- Rhine-Ruhr metro area (Essen-Düsseldorf-Cologne): 47,914
- Edinburgh metro area: 47,913
- Nice-Monaco (Alpes-Maritimes + Principality of Monaco): 47,763 (figure heavily weighed down by the numerous retirees living in the area)
- Toulouse metro area: 46,729

GERMANY (entire country): 45,293
- Bristol metro area: 44,793
- Marseille metro area: 44,582
- Bordeaux metro area: 43,251
FRANCE (entire country): 42,812

- Berlin metro area: 39,046
UK (entire country): 38,964
- Glasgow metro area: 35,278
- West Yorkshire metro area (Leeds-Bradford): 34,463
- Manchester metro area: 34,255
- Newcastle metro area: 33,287
- Birmingham metro area: ca. 32,000
- Liverpool metro area: 29,783
- South Yorkshire metro area (Sheffield-Doncaster): 27,593
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