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Why no logo signs on Albuquerque freeways?

I was wondering, does anyone think logo signs should be installed on Albuquerque freeways? If you are wondering what signs I am talking about, they are the large blue signs with logos advertising food, gas, lodging, camping, attractions, and 24-hour pharmacies.

While prior to the 2000 edition of the national MUTCD logo signs were only permitted on rural highways, the 2000 edition eliminated that restriction. Many cities several times larger than Albuquerque have logo signs on their freeways, including Phoenix, Atlanta, Denver, Orlando, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, and most major metro areas in Texas. Why can't Albuquerque have them.

I know some will come up with the myth that these signs are unnecessary due to the proliferation of smartphones, but if that were the case, then businesses wouldn't bother signing up for logo signs. Plus, nobody should really be using a smartphone while they are driving at freeway speeds, else they are distracted and could get in a crash.

In addition, logo signs bring in revenue to the state that taxpayers don't have to foot the bill. I know in the existing NMDOT contract with New Mexico Logos, Inc., NMDOT is required to get $500,000 per year from the program or 50% of the total revenue, whichever is greater.
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