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I do like the the Denver Tramway piece.

Originally Posted by PLANSIT View Post
The Colfax TSP tech works a little differently. Works off Sprint wireless network. Bus passes a pre-determined geographic location (handled by on-board GPS), makes a call to the signal, determines if TSP is needed.

Coupled with the planned interim bypass lanes, queue jumps, and bus bulbs, this should increase speed and improve reliability. Then the BRT will come.
Thanks for the clarification.

Originally Posted by Cirrus View Post
We use transit signal priority, although not as much as I'd like. It's not like an ambulance where you automatically get green. Basically it just holds a green a few seconds longer or switches from red to green a few seconds faster if there's a bus nearby.

On its own, the effects are nice enough but relatively minor. Fine, but sort of not worth the headache. Coupled with limited stops and bus lanes (or at least queue jumps) it's pretty powerful.
Exquisite reponse. So a little at the margin and something is better than nothing but as PLANSIT describes it will be a whole lot more powerful when combined with other improvements and when BRT on East Colfax is completed.
Cool... Denver has reached puberty.
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