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Good, Bad and Future

Metro is about to redesign its entire bus network
Apr 9, 2018 By Matt Tinoco - Curbed L.A.
In the last five years, weekday bus boardings have plunged 25 percent. That’s a severe problem.
Everybody has their want's and everybody wants somebody else to pick up the tab.
Reversing the system’s ridership decline is one of the goals... In a recent survey, 90 percent of Metro’s riders said they want buses to run at least once every 10 minutes...
What is it that disappoints, frustrates people?
...73 percent said buses are unreliable. The study also found that among former riders, 73 percent were frustrated by buses getting stuck in the same traffic as cars, 69 percent complained about having to transfer too many times, and 88 percent said Metro bus service is unreliable.
Has the bus system changed much in the last 25 years?
No, not really.
Cheung says the way people move around the region today is very different compared to 25 years ago.
This is not unlike what Denveright/Transit is currently doing and customer feedback was much the same.
It's likely that RTD also needs to take a strong look at their own system.
Cool... Denver has reached puberty.
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